Tuesdays, am I right?

Hands down my least favorite day of the week. For sure better than Monday. Why? At least Monday is a day you can reference to something.

Monday – the first day of the week.

Wednesday – middle of the week.

Thursday – the day before Friday.

Friday – start of the weekend.

Saturday and Sunday – super chill, fun time with the family.

But, Tuesday? What is Tuesday? Nothing. Literally nothing.

“But it’s the day after Monday…” And?

“At least it’s not Monday!” At least Mondays have purpose. They’re a beginning with an end. The next day, Tuesday, is your 24 hour weekly purgatory that serves little purpose outside of being the most pointless and daunting day of the week.

I’m sorry, I’m just really passionate about Tuesdays being the worst.

I actually had something a lot more serious and related to my life to write about, since it’s been a while, but getting out my true feelings on a day of the week seems to have taken over. I will write about something much more interesting, but I think I’ll leave this here for now.

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