A Dad Blog by a dad who has little to no idea what he’s doing.

Having decided to have a child at the age of 22, to becoming a father at the age of 23, I have learned a lot. A lot of what to do, what not to do, what did and didn’t work, and a bunch of cool stuff you legally get the license to do when becoming a dad. I have no idea what I’m doing a solid 90% of the time, but I’m doing my best.

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Tuesdays, am I right? Hands down my least favorite day of the week. For sure better than Monday. Why? At least Monday is a day you can reference to something. Monday – the first day of the week. Wednesday – middle of the week. Thursday – the day before Friday. Friday – start of theContinue reading “Tuesday”

Preparing For Your Baby

Imagine this: You’re leaving the hospital with your baby. Everything is wonderful. You have this beautiful little angel in your arms that warms your heart so much that the near freezing temperatures outside hardly phase you. The hospital valet is approaching with your car and your partner starts to gather herself to her feet. TheContinue reading “Preparing For Your Baby”

Stay Strong

January 2nd, 2022. There was a time where I honestly didn’t think I would see this day. Just a few years ago, my life was a lot darker than it is now. I held in resentment, guilt, and anger from what previous years had brought me. I felt like I wasn’t receiving much out ofContinue reading “Stay Strong”


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